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I feel that the role of a teacher in the visual arts is to inspire students to express their artistic voices to the best of their ability by developing the physical skills associated with the particular discipline being taught while encouraging the conceptual maturation of their craft, regardless of their level of study. All students enter the classroom with a wildly different skill set, level of knowledge, and perhaps most importantly, set of cultural values and norms. Therefore, it is important for a teacher to understand that they will need to adapt and refine their approach to meet the needs of the individual, not the needs of the collective whole, if they are to be truly successful. Ultimately, my goal as a teacher is to facilitate an environment where critical and independent thought is the main objective. I challenge my students to stretch and push the boundaries of what student artwork should look like and what it should visually articulate, encouraging my classes to focus on their ideas rather than simply ticking the boxes of technical proficiency.

Courses Taught:

2D Design/Color Theory
3D Design
Advanced Drawing Studio
Art Appreciation
BA Portfolio/Thesis
Drawing I
Drawing II
Painting I
Painting II
Sculptural Forms & Digital Media
Sculpture I